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ENJOY HOLIDAY MEDAN is a north sumatera based full service travel agency with more than 10 years travel industry experience and serving all over indonesia tour packages,especially sumatera. During these past years, we have provided our customers with the best possible service to fulfill their travel needs.Enjoy Holiday Medan cooperates with a large number of reputable and renowned travel agencies worldwide.


We organize medan tour package,Simalem Resort tour packages,lake toba tour package,pekanbaru tour packages, bukittinggi tour packages,sumatera overland tour packages,Cermin Beach tour packages,bahorok  tour packages,Medan Pilgrimage Tours, Bandung Tour Packages,Bali Tour Packages, Lombok Tour Packages, and many more with many options of days for tourists, as well as for entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities. We have also prepared custom made tours for groups or individuals interested in seeing sumatera  and whole indonesia.


On our Custom Packages and Tours we mainly provide three or four stars tourist class hotels, however luxury accommodation at five stars hotels or cheaper accommodation at two stars hotels are also available according to the clients wish.


Our transportation intended for FIT/GIT groups contain all necessary facilities required for comfortable travel (Full Air Conditioning & Karaoke), we have buses , mini vans and cars (Avanza & Innova) and definitely luxury coaches are available for VIP services. Enjoy Holiday Medan is dedicated to creating and facilitating travel experiences that expand awareness and give each person a true sense of the country and culture they are visiting. Horas & Mauliate!


AKTE PENDIRIAN PERSEROAN TERBATAS Oleh Notaris Aida Selli Siburian, Sh, Spn Nomor : 127  Tanggal 24 Juli 2014


PENGESAHAN PENDIRIAN BADAN HUKUM PERSEROAN TERBATAS Oleh Menteri Hukum Dan Hak Azasi Manusia Republik Indonesia, Nomor : Ahu-25698.40.10.2014 Tahun 2014 Tanggal 19 September 2014


IJIN GANGGUAN NOMOR : 5743/5759/5626/2.1/1404/10/2014 Tanggal 21 Oktober 2014, Dikeluarkan Oleh Badan Pelayanan Perijinan Terpadu Pemerintah Kota Medan.


TANDA DAFTAR PERUSAHAAN (TDP) PERSEROAN TERBATAS Nomor : Tanggal 26 November 2014, Dikeluarkan Oleh Badan Pelayanan Perijinan Terpadu, Pemerintah Kota Medan.


TANDA DAFTAR USAHA PARIWISATA (TDUP) Nomor : 503/879/Sk/Tdup.Br/Bpw/Mj/2014 Tanggal 19 November 2014, Dikeluarkan Oleh Dinas Kebudayaan Dan Pariwisata, Pemerintah Kota Medan.


NOMOR POKOK WAJIB PAJAK (NPWP) Atas Nama PT. ENJOY HOLIDAY MEDAN, Nomor : 70.821.485.3-121.000



Bank Mandiri, Kcp Medan Komplek Johor City – Karya Wisata,Medan Johor, Nomor Rekening : 105-00-117-61271 Atas Nama : PT.ENJOY HOLIDAY MEDAN


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