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Hermes Place Medan Polonia is the first and largest Lifestyle Mall in Medan, North Sumatera. Situated at the heart of the city and surrounded by affluent residential zones, Hermes Place Polonia is the place to be for fun filled outings with your friends and families whilst enjoying delicious offerings of international cuisines.

Hermes Place Polonia is the only mall in Medan with the concept of “One Stop Lifestyle and Entertainment Mall”. This new mall concept in Medan features unique open spaces that will give a fresh and exciting experience for you and your loved ones.

Hermes Place Polonia – the place to be!


Planning to get married? Hosting an event? Check out the largest Convention Hall in Medan, seating up to 2.500 people comfortably in luxurious style, experience the latest and greatest of LED, lighting and audio technology to liven up your memorable day!

Featuring a modern stylish design, the space already exudes luxury with minimal decorations, or if you like to go all out with decorations, the space allows the flexibility to do so. It’s your day, you decide!Standing party, theatre-style or seated, we are ready to cater for your event or special day.


he ultimate way to have your wedding, event or party in Medan will finally arrive in 2014!

Planning to get married or host an event in 2014? Check out our brand new grand ballrooms situated at the top floor of our parking building. No more walking to your event, your guests park and conveniently go up the escalator or lifts straight to the front door of your event! Convenience at its best!

These ballrooms are brilliantly designed to cater for smaller to extremely large audience. Have a private smaller party? Or organising a full-blown artist concert? Look no further than our ballrooms.Configured to comfortably seat 500, 1.000, 1.500 – or go all out and open it out for 3.000+ people. Never before in Medan! 

As always with our ballrooms, they are adorned with superb quality finishings and the latest audio and visual technologies to produce the best event experience possible.


Bioskop XXI telah hadir di Hermes Place Polonia saat ini merupakan bioskop terbesar di Medan, dengan total 6 studio didalamnya.Terletak di lantai 2 Hermes Place Polonia. 

XXI Hermes Place polonia, terus mengikuti perkembangan teknologi dengan melengkapi fasilitas-fasilitasnya seperti 2D dan 3D, Terdapat juga

pembelian tiket menggunakan M-Tix, yaitu pembelian tiket dengan menggunakan sms atau internet tanpa harus mengantri panjang.